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Here are tons of colors and patterns


Bangalow360 is the best bag company around! Bungalow360 makes organic recycled bags, hat and belts!

This amazing company who claims to make “uber cute handbags” was started in 1993. These awesome handbags are sold now in over 2,000 stores worldwide! Even though it is a super cool company now, it took a while to be this way. Starting in 1933 they were handcrafted bags, now they have turned into earth friendly, organic business. Not only does this business make organic earth friendly bags but, the owner claims that they recycle, use solar energy, they are kind to animals, and drive hybrid cars. Bungalow360 is run and owned by Susie Pusch.

Enough with me rambling on about how great Bungalow360 is, let me tell you about what they sell, what designs they have, and more!

Bungalow has a wide verity of bags, belts, and hats. They come in thousands of different styles, and colors. Most bags feature a pattern of an animal, or symbol (symbol as in hearts or peace signs). For bag styles they sell: totes, beach totes, satchels, pocket bags, messenger bags, SM messenger bags, grocery bags, artist totes, travel and school bags, wallets, and wristlets. That is a grand total of 11 different types of bags! WOW! Not only do they sell bags but also sell belts, and hats!

Sadly with every plus, there is a minus. Bungalow360 bags can be pricey because they are organic. The highest amount is about is about $10 and the highest is about $40.

Here is a link to there website:

Thank you for reading my post about Bungalow360 bags! Hopefully you find them as charming as I do!

– Fashion Avenue

here is a hat from Bungalow360

here is a hat from Bungalow360

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February 8, 2010. Bags.


  1. Brianna Holt replied:

    hi, i just found bungalow on facebook, and so far i really like it! but i was wondering if there was a sea horse backpack… im going into seventh grade and i wanted to get a new back pack but i only saw the peace sign backpack:/

    • mallgirl replied:

      Sorry Brianna, there isn’t a sea horse backpack! Keep you eyes peeled though, they update their website constantly!

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