Spring Clothes!

Spring is just around the corner, March 20th.  After reading this post you have about 1 month to create your spring wardrobe.

First, let’s talk about the colors of spring:  mostly pastels, baby blues, eggshell pinks, bunny yellows, and lavender purples. Okay, to a young being like yourself, you must be saying, baby blues, what? Don’t worry I’ve just announced the so-called ‘fancy names’ of colors. To clear up your confusion, just take out the fancy word (baby, eggshell, bunny, lavender) and add the word light. Are you still confused? Well, I don’t have all day, go get a dictionary!

Now, first thing we will go over is sweaters.  Light gray cardigans are really in right now! Make sure they are 3/4 length sleeves (they don’t go all the way to your wrist). Stock up on plenty of these! Now, even as cute as a cardigan is, it won’t appeal to everyone’s fashion sense.  If you don’t like cardigans try a grey zip-up jacket. No flowers, or writing, no anything on it. Although, a pocket will not ruin this outfit.

Next, pants. Floral knee-length skirts are the ‘in’ of the season. If you aren’t a skirt person try cuffed white capris with an eye-popping shirt, we’re talking sun yellows, and ruby reds, and demanding pinks here people!

Now tops, these will appeal to everyone’s taste. Tank tops I swear go good with any skirt, or pair of pants! Pick a bright color, such as blue, or a pink! This will make the gray sweater, or cardigan pop!

Shoes, personally my favorite part of this outfit, for the ‘girly girl’s’ shoes pick a pretty pair of ballet flats, they should be white, or pink. For the tomboy, pick a pair of Adidas flip-flops or sandals.

Okay , lets talk about bags. Your not going to need to much with your skirt, so pick a light yellow coin purse, or wristlets. Now, if bags just aren’t your thing (yes, I’m talking to you, tomboy’s) just skip bags all together. Although you are going to need something, so pick a patterned pair of sunglasses!

Lip gloss, this is for the  girly girl but the tomboy can use it too!  Use Clinique Vitamin C Lip Smoothie Nude-tricious lip gloss! I swear, it just screams spring beauty!


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  1. Mr. H replied:


    How do you think I’d look in pastels, baby blues, eggshell pinks, bunny yellows, and lavender purples?

    I’ve been thinking of moving in that direction, but I don’t know if I’m ready to take that leap.

    Ballet flaps are NOT something I’d guess would be in style. I guess you’re correct, these style experts agree, and have some more to add on the topic.


  2. mallgirl replied:

    Mr. H,
    I’m sure you would look wonderful in baby blues, eggshell pinks, bunny yellows, and lavender purples! Also, ballet flats are also known as flats, I call them ballet falt just because they sound ten times cuter!

  3. Miley replied:

    Very savvy! I have all these things and I can’t wait to wear them all together, what days would you consider spring?

  4. mallgirl replied:

    I’m happy this helped you, well the first day of spring is March 20th, it depends where you live, sometimes spring for people can be in May!

  5. Mr. H replied:

    Here’s an article on spring fashion.


  6. Alex replied:

    You may of heard that I read your Spring Clothes blog, and yes it’s true. I think it’s a likely possibility that I would were that out fit you put together for a tomboy, as long as it’s comfortible, and you could play a sport in. The sandales may not be the best thing to play soccer or kickball in, but Id still were them.

  7. mallgirl replied:

    Alex, Yay, I made that outfit with you in mind

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