Looking Great While On the Mountain

Attention to all skiers and snowboarders! Have you ever worried about looking great on the mountain (speaking in terms of fashion), or have just been plain uncomfortable? I know I have, but after you read this post all your worries about looking great, (again speaking in fashion terms here) will simply be plowed off the mountain.

Okay, first start off with a jacket, we won’t go over what’s underneath the top layers just because nobody will really see under that. Pick something bright-colored and fun! dark green, black, and red coats are most often seen on the mountain, so if you are  with a group that might not be the best choice. I suggest going with a pink, yellow, light blue, or orange coats. When buying your coat ask the saleslady/man if your coat is for a skier or a border, because ski coats tend to be more snug and border coats tend to be looser. Also, make sure your coat is water and snowproof Happy with your jacket? Great, don’t leave the store yet, for there is more to come.

Now we will go to snow pants. These you be fit to your body, but not skin-tight. In my opinion black or tan snow pants always look best with any jacket! It is not a good idea to have a matching coat and snow pants just because if they are both patterned you look confusing.

Okay, next on the list in a helmet, this is an extremely important item of your outfit, not only the fact that it could save your life, but the fact that it also keeps your head warm and toasty. Your helmet will always look good if it matches you jacket. Following a helmet is goggles, it looks best, well any goggle will look great with your outfit, as long as they do the job your good to go!

When flying down the mountain you will need gloves these should be black, because black goes with any color.

Last, poles THIS IS ONLY FOR SKIERS! Poles are a must have on the mountain, so make sure they look awesome! Poles normally aren’t very fancy so get black, or white!

Thanks for reading, may your next trip down the mountain be peaceful.


March 3, 2010. Tags: , , , , , . Clothes/outfits.


  1. Mr. H replied:


    I agree with your call about the bright colored coats and black snow pants.

    Are there any designers, companies, stores you’d suggest people check-out?

  2. mallgirl replied:

    well, there ar many stores by skiing/snowbording areas, those are great, the only problem is they are REALLY EXPENSIVE, ording offline is really the best option. Spyder, The north face, burton, and quicksilver are really warm.

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