France, and Their Scarves

Recently, I have learned in my French class that Girls and Women from France mostly always wear scarves! So, of course  with blogging always somewhere in my head, I thought what a perfect topic for my blog! So here it goes…

Scarfs started in Rome, they wore scarves (sudarium latin word for scarves) The started wearing these to ‘mop’ up sweat from their bodies because of extremely hot tempertures.

People claim that at first scarves were made from cloth instead of wool at first. However in the 17th century a wider scale of scarves were brought to out universe. Soldiers and Policemen normally wore silk scarves (in their case neckerchiefs)

The Croatian style was loved by the french and it quickly became a fashion item in france. In France the word cravatas, means scarves in French. In France a scarf used to somEtimes express one’s religious or political beliefs. Men and women wore neckerchiefs, no matter of the social class they belonged. The Scarf traveled quickly and  even reached Norway.

Now despite what you think, neckerchiefs are a very popular item for men, Normally made from silk.

In modern days people have taken the older fashions of scarves and mixed them with the new ones. Unfortunately, times in the 1900’s at some times scarfs have been forgotten! Although, now scarfs are back, and better than before. In my opinion scarfs have a very bright feature in the fashion industry.

Thank you for reading! Au Revoir!

Croatian style

Croatian Style


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  1. Jackie replied:


    I thought that your intro was good I like that it shows your observant. I also love how your body shows the history on scarves, I never new ware scarves originated! The only bad thing I am adding is that the history of scarves seemed to be strait from a website.

    P.S:Who are Croatian mercenaries?

  2. mallgirl replied:

    Jackie, I am glad you like my post about the history of scarves, I can assure you that this is not straight from a website. Thanks
    Croatia is a country so that forms into Croatian when talking about people and mercenaries means “A mercenary is a professional soldier hired by a foreign army” (from

  3. Ashley B. replied:

    I think you have given quite a history of scarves. I didn’t know barely any of that. I love reading your blog, I always learn something new. I think scarves are also sort of expression. I mean if your like a ball of sunshine (like megan in the 8th grade), if she were to wear a scarve I would imagine she would wear a bright color like yellow, or lime green or pink. Something flashy. I thinks scarves can express sort of who you are, it is just the scarf you choose. I enjoyed reading your blog and can’t wait to read more,

    Ashley B.

  4. mallgirl replied:

    Thanks ashley:) I totally agree! Like if you loved peace signs you would wear a peace sign scarf! Haha:)

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