Ice Cream and Fashion, in France they really Relate

Oh, à la mode, my new favorite word. It has to do with my 2 favorite things ice cream, and fashion. Now for all those fashion guru’s out there you are probably following along with me pretty well, but for those newbies at fashion, I guess I must explain myself.

Wow probably think I’m insane right now, I’m not. You probably think I am typing these very words from a mental institution, I’m not. To clear your confusion up, à la mode means fashion in french. You, may start the chorus of “ahhhhs” and “ohhhs”.

So know you must see why I completely adore the word “à la mode”. You will find me saying about, of I don’t know, about EVERY BLOG POST!

Peace, love and à la mode,



March 8, 2010. Tags: , , , . Fashion News.


  1. Helena replied:

    Ali, I was wondering did you think about doing something French because of Marie being here.

  2. Tori replied:

    Ali, you are soooo a la mode
    great post keep it up. Tori

  3. mallgirl replied:

    -Helena,no I learned the word à la mode when we were doing personalities in french, however I did do the French Scarves post because she told be that french people always wore scarves!

    -Tori, I know:) you yourself are very à la mode!

  4. Ashley B. replied:

    Ali awesome post. It was very interesting I really liked it. I see that you really do put a lot of interest into all of your topics. Good job.

    Ashley B.

  5. mallgirl replied:

    😀 thanks Ashley! I do work really hard, and I’m glad you like my blog!

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