Fashion In New York City

When I say ‘Fashion Capital of the world’, you must think, New York City. After all NYC, is the home to may famous fashion designers, and stores. A fashion capital would be the home of many top designers, modeling agencies and, it is decided by the amount of business and influence through fashion. In general, there are 4 traditional fashion capitals: Milan, New York City, Paris and London. Despite these being the stereoypical fashion capitals of the world, other cities, such as Rome, Sydney, Tokyo, and Los Angeles have been ranked very highly in the lists.

Fashion Stores

Macy’s, even though there is practically a Macy’s in about every state, this whopping 9 story building felt blog worthy to me. Not only do they have  a wide selection of clothes for all ages but, Macy’s  is also known for Thanksgiving Day Parade, Holiday Window Displays, and Visits with Santa. They carry products from Coach, Louis Vuttion, and even DKNY! Whenever going to New York City Macy’s is a must see, whether you are walking by to look at the windows, or going on a shopping spree!

Coach, if you are looking for a new bag, this is the place to go! The Manhattan Coach store started in the 1950’s. This store sells many handbags, and accessories. You ca find the Coach store at 595 Madison Avenue. Although, Coach has several stores through out New York City.

Barneys Co-Op,Barney’s is a sophisticated, classy designer department store . Even after filing for bankruptcy in 1996 and closing its Chelsea location, Barneys proven its ability to attract both Upper East Side .. Barneys industrial style Co-Op stores feature edgy, funkier styles and accessories for men and women. The have sales around February- August. The Barney’s Co-Op is located at 236 W. 18th St., New York, NY 10011
nr. Eighth Ave.

Tiffany & Co., First established as a stationery and fancy goods store in lower Manhattan in 1837, Tiffany moved to its current location in 1940. Past the revolving door, the first floor is lined with fine jewelry. Take the elevator to the second floor, filled with engagement rings. Brides-to-be can browse the fourth floor for elegant table, glass and silverware, as well as upscale wedding invitations and thank-you cards, then head down to three for less-pricey sterling silver jewelry, perfect for wedding-party favors . While there are also fine items for men (cuff links and watches) and even babies (solid silver rattle), Tiffany undoubtedly remains a girl’s very best friend.

Other note worth stores, H&M (clothing store), Century 21 (clothing), Bloomingdales’s (department store).

Now, I bet you are ready to jump out the doors and go to New York! Well, I did some research and without a doubt New York New York tours was the best result for a tour in the Big Apple! Give them a call, and they will set you up with a hotel room, dinner reservations, tickets to broadway shows, and more!

New York New York Tours:

Anyway, have fun at New York, I hope this post really helped decide where you want to go!


March 21, 2010. Fashion News.


  1. Mr. H replied:

    I agree, Macy’s is a must see if you’re in NYC. Even though it’s expensive, it’s a cool place just to walk around, dream of buying some stuff there, and people watch. Honestly, you can have a great time in NY just people watching.

    I remember when Barney’s was in Chelsea. I think I may have visited the place. I recall it being a men’s store. Is that correct?

    For NYC fashion news you should check out this link.

  2. mallgirl replied:

    Yes, That Barney’s store in Chelsea was a men’s store (At least I’m pretty sure)

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