A Fashionable Friday

BRINNGGG, your alarm buzzes of, and it’s Friday, you trudge out of bed and see a zombie before your eyes, it takes you a few minutes to realize that that zombie my friend, is you. Have no fear fashion Avenue is here, to tell you how to pick out an amazing outfit, on Friday’s.

Step 1: Get out of bed, just to wake up splash some ice water on your face, and turn all your lights on, walk over to where you keep your clothes.

Step 2: When you are at the place where you keep your clothes, pick out a pair of pants, for Fridays where a pair of sweatpants, they will make your day warm and comfortable. In the summer, wear active shorts. At some schools it is acceptable to wear pajama pants! Just make sure that they are appropriate for school, plaid pajama’s are best!

Step 3: Next, pick out a t-shirt. Now, you have an option. You can either where a baggy tee, witha tight tank top undeneath, or a tight tee with a tank top underneath. If you pick a baggy tee with a tank top, make sure you tie all the extra baggyness of the t-shirt with a rubber band or hair tie, and tuck it under the baggy shirt. Make sure the 2 colors match! If you pick a tight tee witha tank top, again make sure the colors match.

Step 4: Do your hair, put it in a pony-tail, so it is out of your face.

Step 5: Shoes, if it is colder, wear furry boots or Uggs, if it is summer wear flip flops.

I hope this helps make your Friday mornings a little less stressful:)



March 28, 2010. 1.


  1. Raili replied:

    I love that shirt with the byecicle and the heart on it.


  2. Livi and Leah replied:

    Hey Ali,
    Leah likes the second outfit the best but i disagree, I think the first outfit is better. But I Like the shorts better the pants.
    Sincerely, Leah and Livi
    P.S. I like your zombie metaphor!

  3. mallgirl replied:

    Thanks leah and livi:) I couldn’t find reasonable, but pretty pants on the website that I was on, so I had to do gray sweatpants, sorry. There were pretty yellow ones, but they were $50…

  4. Emma replied:


  5. Emma replied:

    I think this advice is ah-mazing just like you! But I the second outfit I dont think two pairs of horazontal strips make a good pair, vertical strips would also en-longate the body! All in all I love reading your blog! It gives excellent advice for anyone! I wish iIcould make a blog! Except… I do not live with you guys any more. But love your blog keep on making awesome blogs like this!
    Emma H.

  6. Alyssa(: replied:

    Heyy(: I wouldn’t exactly wear this out, or to school, because these outfits are super comfy, and pajama type looking clothing, but I adore your blog, keep going(:

  7. mallgirl replied:

    Emma: I know about the stripes, it was really hard to find a blue tank top on ‘the website’. Also, I know gray on gray makes you look, well gray. Again, I couldn’t find any reasonably priced ones on ‘the website’ thanks for your comment (I know I am pretty AHMAZING!)

    Alyssa: These outfit were supposed to be kind of comfy because, I don’t know about you but I am always really tired on Friday’s! Thanks for your thoughtful comment.

  8. nora replied:

    so helpful &* like awesome(:

  9. Pip replied:

    Hey! I liked your post on what to pick out in the AM! I have to agree with alyissa though, I enjoy outfits that are pulled together and show that you are ready for the day, while to me these felt like somthing I would choose to wear to bed. I liked the post all in all ! Keep posting!

  10. mallgirl replied:

    Thanks Pip:)
    Yeah, I totally know what you mean:)
    It’s just supposed to be comfy, like not skinny jeans and a tee
    Thanks for reading,

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