That Summer Dress

Wheather it is a school dance, a wedding, or a fancy dinner, I know, it’s hard to find the right dress for you! Now, your worrying will end. For good. The only way to stop your disease is to read this blog post.

The first thing you need to do know your skin tone. Dark skin tones should go with pastels and light colors, but lighter toned people should go with bright bold colors.

The second thing you need to do is find a great dress store. Depending on your price. If your gradating, Debs is a great dress store, but if you are just going to a small 1 time occasion, then Macy’s and JCpenny’s are  awesome options.

Now shop, don’t forget it is summer, so pick a lightweight summer dress. It really dependsif you want to long or short. but…

big occasion= Long dress

small occasion= shorter dress

I hope this last post helps you. I know, it’s short, a lot a dress picking out depends on your style!


April 1, 2010. 1.


  1. nora replied:

    oh &* i [recently] fot a cute dress and sweter warp thing-y from DELiAS

  2. Cassidy replied:

    Cool I love the green one.

  3. Ashley D replied:

    Ali, I love the post in the dresses! It is amazing! and i saw your cluster map, WOW! so many hits! keep me updated when you are putting up your next post!

    Ashley D.

  4. mallgirl replied:

    Nora: DELiAS is a great place to get dresses, Ill have to post the link up:) (JUST IN CASE I FORGET HERE IS THE LINK:;jsessionid=AD994BABF463FEF7D055F089166B7352.worker3?categoryKey=dresses&topnavTrack=dresses&incmpid=TopNavDre

    Cassidy: I love them both, but I have to say, I like the blue one better!

    Ashley: THanks, and I have noooo idea how I have 772, and counting hits!

    Nora, Cassidy, and Ashley: THANKS FOR READING!!!!

  5. Leah replied:

    I love the blue dress!! (and your blog!) You should post about Forever 21 they have AMAZING dresses and lots of other cool clothes. I would love to read it!

    good luck!

  6. Jackie replied:

    I think you are doing great on your blog! I really think Im learning something from your blog! ya know what I mean? Your blog even can do that and still be ever so creative! The only consern I had is that their are no pictures of short dresses! Gasp! I mean their usally are not as many big occations as their are small am I right?

    Cant wait to see a bigger and better post as I always do!

    -Jackie 🙂

    • mallgirl replied:

      Thanks Jackie, lots of the shorts dresses were not uploading to the computer so I just found like, those 2 long ones, but the sites are hyperlinked. Thanks so much, your comment means a lot! Keep reading!

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