Twilight Woods

I was at Bath and Body Works yesterday, and I came across a lotion collection called Twilight woods. At first I overlooked it, then I came back, smelled the sample, and yum! It smelled almost sweet, but fresh at the same time! They have an AMAZING, sale going on, if you buy two, get the second FREE! How could I say no? So I ended up buying, the Twilight Woods body spray, shower cream, and body lotion. It makes you hands feel like silk, and smell yummy too! I recommend buying it:)

To buy, or browse this collection click here

Have fun!,

Fashion Avenue


April 13, 2010. cosmetics.

One Comment

  1. Shafiat replied:

    Je m’excuse pour le Commentaire en français. En fait j’aimerais savoir comment acheter ce produit en france. En fait j’ai mon amie qui m’a fait cadeau de la gamme Twilight Woods pour mon anniversaire et mon “fiancé” et moi avons adoré.

    Un parfum qui éveille et rassure qu’on est unique pour la journée qui commence.

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