Flip Flops!

Yay, flip-flops, the ultimate summer shoe! This is a must have shoes for the upcoming month! You can find them at many clothes and shoe stores. However, I do have some recommendations:)

1. J.Crew  has lovely flip flops! They have sizes 6-12, with a soft base and pretty bands there is no way you could go wrong. Prices are about $20.00-$30.00 depending what kind you get. I just got a pair, and I can’t stop wearing them! Put them in the sun for 10 minutes, and when you step into them it feels amazing!

2. Old Navy, has ever color known to man, they also have a few pretty designs! They are not always comfortable, but they go great with any outfit. I have 2 pairs, and my white ones go with every outfit! Now, you can buy 2 pairs for $5.00

3. North face, I have had them for about a year now, and let me tell you, they are indestructible. I have been hiking in they several times, they are awesome water shoes, they have survived an attack from my 1-year-old labrador, and have lasted a night in the snow! They are amazingly comfortable, and I couldn’t live without them! The only downside it that they don’t have a wide selection of colors. About $20.00.

Overall Ratings! (1 being the worst 5 being the best)

North Face: 4

J.Crew: 3 1/2

Old Navy 3 1/2

Well there you have it:) Have fun Flip-Flop shopping, and if you have any other great stores comment bellow!

J.Crew Old Navy North Face


April 27, 2010. Uncategorized.


  1. Cassidy replied:

    Wow ali great post, i will try a pair from NF I do have one reccomendation, nike foot bed shoes, they are indistructable( wear them every where ), and if theyget dirty you can bleach them ( works like a charm ).

  2. mallgirl replied:

    Omg! I remember that you let me try them on (once)! and yes they were super comfertable!

  3. Jackie replied:

    Ali, I have just read your blog, it was great, your recommendations do look wairable but expensive, you should to a post about unexpensive clothes.

    And maybe you can also do a post about gladiator flip-flops, mine are so comfy and cool looking, and you can dress them up or down with any outfit. Plus, some of them have a different designs like ruffles! I recommend them to any girl, but they need remember to make sure that they are the right size and are comfortable enough.

    Your blog is great Ali!
    – Jackie 🙂

  4. Ashley b. replied:

    Awesome blog! I to like flip flops (even though I do not wear them 2 skool). I had a question, do you know how many girls on average wear flip flops? And why they are so important to you? And other girls?
    Just some questions.

  5. mallgirl replied:

    Thanks Ashley:) I have no idea on average, how many girl wear flip flops, I googled it and, nothing came up:( I guess it depends on wear you live, for example if you live in California, more girls probably wear flip flops more than people in Maine. They aren’t extremely important to me, honestly my world wouldn’t end if flip flops didn’t exist anymore. Other things are way more important to me, I just did the post because Spring, and summer is on the way, and I thought suggestions would help people:) This may be important to other girls because lets face it, flip flops are a really popular shoe! I know just about every girl, and some guys have at least one pair! (I have 4). Thanks for reading:),

  6. Raili replied:

    Ali, I have a pair of green flip flops from old navy, I think that they are cool. I do agree with you they aren’t that comfterble but when they are broken in.


    • mallgirl replied:

      Yeah, they can hurt. Do you have any other colors?

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