Amy Astley, Editor in Cheif of Teen Vogue

When you grow up in a small town, and have no degree in fashion, how can you be an editor of one of the world’s leading fashion magazines for teens? Possible? Yeah, I didn’t think so either. In this report I will be writing about an amazing person, Amy Astley who defied all these odds.

How could a small town girl be the Editor in Chief at Teen Vogue? Amy Taran Astley was born on 06/05/67 (that makes her 42 years old) Despite what you think, she wasn’t always into ‘fashion’. When she was a teenager she was more into style than anything else! After graduating from Michigan State University; Astley joined Vogue in 1993 and later became a Beauty Director.  She also wrote for Teen Vogue magazine.  Astley was also the editor of Teen Vogue’s four test issues, which were published from 2000 – 2002. Prior to Vogue, Astley was an Associate Editor at HG for four years. Her big break was when she was named to edit the new magazine in June 2002 by Anna Wintour Editor in Chief Vogue and Editorial Direction of Teen Vogue. Astley of  was promoted to the job of Editor in Chief at Teen Vogue!

You must be thinking, “Wow, it didn’t take Amy too long to become Editor in Chief, right?” Wrong. It took Amy just under 10 years to become Editor in Chief. Do you think you would stick with fashion for ten years? One thing that shocks me about Amy Astley is that she has no degree in fashion at all! She only has a B.A. in English Literature from the Honors College of Michigan State University.

Amy always wanted Teen Vogue to be a magazine for teen girls who loved fashion, and a way for them to express themselves! She didn’t want a typical teen magazine, filled with embarrassing moments, boy quizzes, and Disney stars. The first issues of Teen Vogue were published February and March 2003. The first celebrity on the magazine was Gwen Stefani, although, the covers can be celebrities, models, or famous designers.

Currently, Amy lives in New York City with her husband and two children. All four of them live in Manhattan. She attends many fashion shows, she is very busy with Teen Vogue, and publishes an issue a month. She begins the day at 6am, and reads several newspapers and magazines. She arrives at the office at 9am; she meets with designers, and photographers. She also spends a considerable amount of time organizing the magazine, and writing articles. Sometimes she has lunch with a designer, and for her afternoons, she goes out to the market to look at clothes in showrooms. Her afternoons normally consist of the same things she does in the morning. In the evening she attends ceremonies, product launches, cocktail parties, art openings, and sometimes she goes to the theater.

I guess I’ve learned, no matter where you live, what your dreams are, and what you study, you can always fulfill your life long dream.



May 4, 2010. People.


  1. y3y3n.s replied:

    I really like it when you represent diverse people on your blog.

    I’m always so afraid you’ll just showcase the fashionistas and forget about the true gems.

    This shot is very inspiring! Thank you!

  2. mallgirl replied:

    Thanks for reading! I always love it when people comment, and say thoughtful things! Again, thank you for reading!,

  3. Cassidy replied:

    Wow cool post do you have any pictures of fassion she is into i am interested.

    • mallgirl replied:

      Dear Cassidy,
      There are so many ‘fashion’ pictures. You can go look at Ashley D’s blog, she did a post on fashion photography, or you can go to, (The one Mr. H showed us with the planets) Thanks for reading:),

  4. Fashion Fly replied:

    Cool post! I actually have a friend(Katharine), who has a friend, who knows Amy Astley because her mom works for Vouge.
    -fashion fly

  5. mallgirl replied:

    Thats soo cool!

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