Fashion Scrapbooking

What your Scrapbook may look like!

It’s a lazy Friday night, you are looking through the latest issue of Teen Vogue and then, there it is, the best, most amazing, and prettiest shoes ever! You spend the next ten minutes gazing at the magazine, practically drooling, you remember them and promise that you will buy them next Friday, when shopping with your BFF, Lacey.

Suddenly it’s Friday, and you are at Dannie’s Shoe Store, with Lacey. Then, something tragic happens you forgot what the best shoes  look like! You start looking around, hoping when you see it, it’ll pop up. You buy a pair, and you go  home to only to find they were the wrong ones. Great, you have spent $100.00 on a pair of shoes that weren’t ‘ the one’.

Thats where fashion scrap booking comes in handy, my friends. You see the best pair of shoes ever, cut it out and there, presto, you wont loose them again! Heres who to fashion scrap-book.

Step 1: Go to any office supply store, and get a scrap-book, it should be fairly large with blank pages, maybe little design, but not covered.

Step 2: Get supplies! Pretty markers, stickers, glue, scissors, anything! Let your mind go wild!

Step 3: Go through every issue of Teen Vogue that you have, or really any magazine, snip out any cool article of clothing, cosmetic, or lip gloss that you adore! Glue it in the scrap-book, and finally, the next time you go to Dannie’s Shoe store, just grab your scrap-book, and run out the door!


May 28, 2010. Uncategorized.


  1. Raili replied:

    Cool post I might try that I find something I really want in a magizine. Keep on posting!


    • mallgirl replied:

      You should, even if you dont want to go out and but a band new scrapbook, you can use an old picture book!

  2. Evan replied:

    Ali thats sorta cool and sorta weird at the same

  3. Cassidy replied:

    Cool ill have 2 try that sometime.

  4. Ashley B. replied:

    Great Post! It’s sort of just like regular scrap booking. It’s a great way to get the things you want in a coolish type style. The picture of the scrapbook you had on the post was very stylish. Great post, keep on posting!!! 🙂

    • mallgirl replied:

      Thanks so much for reading Ashley:)
      It is regular scrapbooking, just with fashion, thanks for reading.

  5. Mr. H replied:


    Hope you’re having a good start to your summer. A couple of things you might want to consider as you blog this summer.

    * Your Blogroll: You no longer need to have links to your classmates’ blogs. Certainly, you can keep them if you want. However, here’s a list of the people who no longer are blogging, so you might as well delete them: Russell, Jacob, Scott, Jackie, Katharine, Cassidy, Skylar and Lily.

    * I found this link on summer lip glosses you might find interesting.

    * If you’re at all interested 🙂 Here’s a link on men’s fashion, from Milan.

    • mallgirl replied:

      Thanks so much Mr. Herzog! I found both links really cool and will use them in feature posts!

  6. Meg replied:

    I love your example! It looks like you made that cover… How’d you do that? I’m searching for ideas for a Christmas gift.

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