Cozy, but Cute! Your guide to Making Sweats Look Ah-dorable

Don’t we all wish that we could lounge around in pajamas, or sweats all day? I know I do, but with school and work this dream can barely ever become a reality. Well I have the perfect solution to this.. predicament. By following these tips and solutions wearing sweats to work and school won’t seem so unrealistic.

What to Wear Them With

Wearing tanks, and graphic tee is a big n0-no for work and school. Try wearing your sweats with a lace tee, and a knit cardigan, or you could also try a plaid shirt. If you’re feeling.. daring try your sweats with a blazer. So chic!

Look for these items at:

You must be wondering what not to wear sweats with, right? When trying to look presentable wearing sweats with tank tops, UGGs, or large tees and sweatshirt are huge no-no’s. Don’t get me wrong, I love my UGG’s and comfy tee’s but when trying to look nice, I put these items back onto the clothes hanger.

Shoes, a girls best friend. When wearing sweats, don’t head straight for your sneakers, and flip flops, try something else, dare I say rain boots? Plain, black rain boot strangely look great with sweats. You could also try Sperrys, or gladiators with boyfriend sweatpants.

Thats it for this week! Any questions/suggestions? Comment, and don’t forget to subscribe. Remember to check back here every Saturday, thats when I put up new posts.







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