That Summer Dress

Wheather it is a school dance, a wedding, or a fancy dinner, I know, it’s hard to find the right dress for you! Now, your worrying will end. For good. The only way to stop your disease is to read this blog post.

The first thing you need to do know your skin tone. Dark skin tones should go with pastels and light colors, but lighter toned people should go with bright bold colors.

The second thing you need to do is find a great dress store. Depending on your price. If your gradating, Debs is a great dress store, but if you are just going to a small 1 time occasion, then Macy’s and JCpenny’s areĀ  awesome options.

Now shop, don’t forget it is summer, so pick a lightweight summer dress. It really dependsif you want to long or short. but…

big occasion= Long dress

small occasion= shorter dress

I hope this last post helps you. I know, it’s short, a lot a dress picking out depends on your style!


April 1, 2010. 1. 7 comments.

A Fashionable Friday

BRINNGGG, your alarm buzzes of, and it’s Friday, you trudge out of bed and see a zombie before your eyes, it takes you a few minutes to realize that that zombie my friend, is you. Have no fear fashion Avenue is here, to tell you how to pick out an amazing outfit, on Friday’s.

Step 1: Get out of bed, just to wake up splash some ice water on your face, and turn all your lights on, walk over to where you keep your clothes.

Step 2: When you are at the place where you keep your clothes, pick out a pair of pants, for Fridays where a pair of sweatpants, they will make your day warm and comfortable. In the summer, wear active shorts. At some schools it is acceptable to wear pajama pants! Just make sure that they are appropriateĀ for school, plaid pajama’s are best!

Step 3: Next, pick out a t-shirt. Now, you have an option. You can either where a baggy tee, witha tight tank top undeneath, or a tight tee with a tank top underneath. If you pick a baggy tee with a tank top, make sure you tie all the extra baggyness of the t-shirt with a rubber band or hair tie, and tuck it under the baggy shirt. Make sure the 2 colors match! If you pick a tight tee witha tank top, again make sure the colors match.

Step 4: Do your hair, put it in a pony-tail, so it is out of your face.

Step 5: Shoes, if it is colder, wear furry boots or Uggs, if it is summer wear flip flops.

I hope this helps make your Friday mornings a little less stressful:)


March 28, 2010. 1. 10 comments.