Bows are super cute, for any occasion! You can dress them up, or down! Almost every store has them, I recommend: they range from $2.00-$10.00! You can make you own by getting a hair clip, glue, ribbon, string, or thinner ribbon and wax paper. Tie the ribbon in any fancy bow you like, get glue, and glue it to the hair clip. Put a piece of was paper between the hair clip so it doesn’t stick together when glued! If you want more help, check out this video on Bow making!


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France, and Their Scarves

Recently, I have learned in my French class that Girls and Women from France mostly always wear scarves! So, of course  with blogging always somewhere in my head, I thought what a perfect topic for my blog! So here it goes…

Scarfs started in Rome, they wore scarves (sudarium latin word for scarves) The started wearing these to ‘mop’ up sweat from their bodies because of extremely hot tempertures.

People claim that at first scarves were made from cloth instead of wool at first. However in the 17th century a wider scale of scarves were brought to out universe. Soldiers and Policemen normally wore silk scarves (in their case neckerchiefs)

The Croatian style was loved by the french and it quickly became a fashion item in france. In France the word cravatas, means scarves in French. In France a scarf used to somEtimes express one’s religious or political beliefs. Men and women wore neckerchiefs, no matter of the social class they belonged. The Scarf traveled quickly and  even reached Norway.

Now despite what you think, neckerchiefs are a very popular item for men, Normally made from silk.

In modern days people have taken the older fashions of scarves and mixed them with the new ones. Unfortunately, times in the 1900’s at some times scarfs have been forgotten! Although, now scarfs are back, and better than before. In my opinion scarfs have a very bright feature in the fashion industry.

Thank you for reading! Au Revoir!

Croatian style

Croatian Style

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A Guide to Bracelets

This is A Guide to Bracelets, a post all about what bracelets to wear with what.   If you have had trouble creating the perfect bracelet read on and on!


Bangles are a cute, fun way to spice up an outfit! They come in several shames and sizes! Be careful what bangles you wear with what. For example, if you are going to a wedding, or a fancy party, you will probably want 3-6 small, thin silver bracelets. However, if you are just going to school, wear 6-10 thin bangles, make sure they are colorful and fun! Also, if you are going to school, you can wear a thick bangles.  You should only wear one!




Beaded bracelets are really hard to post about because they are in an infinite amount of colors, kinds,  shapes, and sizes.  So, just keep in mind that I can’t go over all of them. Okay, to start with, I will go over thin beaded bracelets; probably the most popular one. Thin beaded bracelets can be  worn on a school day, or out to the beach (but not in the water). Never wear thin beaded bracelets to weddings, funerals, or anything fancy.  They’re meant to be casual.  Now to go on to thick beaded bracelets, these should be worn to the mall, out to dinner, or anyplace casual, but not too casual.



Handmade (Beaded)

Handmade beaded bracelets are super cute, cool, and fun! Wear these really anywhere:  weddings (as long as the bracelet is right for the occasion), swimming, camp, school etc.


Most girls have seen a braided bracelet made of embroidery string. These come in all colors, and the only way to remove them is to cut them off.  These you almost have to wear everywhere, unless you want to cut it off.  Braided bracelets look best when you are playing a sport:  such as volleyball, soccer, swimming, and biking.  These also look especially good when you are at camp.  I recommend removing these after 1 to 2 months.



I know a lot of girls have charm bracelets. If you have never heard of them, they are normally silver or gold chains with cute little charms. These should be worn on special occasions, because most are expensive. Unlike braided bracelets, never wear them when doing sports, they are too heavy . Remember to have charms, but not too many. If you have more that 20 charms your bracelet might become tacky looking.


Anyways, I hope I have guided you to wear the bracelets you have in the correct way, If I have missed any please comment and I will fix it as soon as possible. Thanks for reading!

-Fashion Avenue

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