A Sweet Spring

Do you find yourself looking like you are dressed for a funeral, every day? This Spring, it’s all about pastels! Here are some great items that will make your spring wardrobe pop! Many outfits include bright colored eye shadow, and ‘candy’ colors!

you can buy this at Abercrombie Kids for $24.50.

You can buy this at Abercrombie Kids for $39.50.

You can buy this at Target for $5.84 each


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Looking Great While On the Mountain

Attention to all skiers and snowboarders! Have you ever worried about looking great on the mountain (speaking in terms of fashion), or have just been plain uncomfortable? I know I have, but after you read this post all your worries about looking great, (again speaking in fashion terms here) will simply be plowed off the mountain.

Okay, first start off with a jacket, we won’t go over what’s underneath the top layers just because nobody will really see under that. Pick something bright-colored and fun! dark green, black, and red coats are most often seen on the mountain, so if you are  with a group that might not be the best choice. I suggest going with a pink, yellow, light blue, or orange coats. When buying your coat ask the saleslady/man if your coat is for a skier or a border, because ski coats tend to be more snug and border coats tend to be looser. Also, make sure your coat is water and snowproof Happy with your jacket? Great, don’t leave the store yet, for there is more to come.

Now we will go to snow pants. These you be fit to your body, but not skin-tight. In my opinion black or tan snow pants always look best with any jacket! It is not a good idea to have a matching coat and snow pants just because if they are both patterned you look confusing.

Okay, next on the list in a helmet, this is an extremely important item of your outfit, not only the fact that it could save your life, but the fact that it also keeps your head warm and toasty. Your helmet will always look good if it matches you jacket. Following a helmet is goggles, it looks best, well any goggle will look great with your outfit, as long as they do the job your good to go!

When flying down the mountain you will need gloves these should be black, because black goes with any color.

Last, poles THIS IS ONLY FOR SKIERS! Poles are a must have on the mountain, so make sure they look awesome! Poles normally aren’t very fancy so get black, or white!

Thanks for reading, may your next trip down the mountain be peaceful.

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Spring Clothes!

Spring is just around the corner, March 20th.  After reading this post you have about 1 month to create your spring wardrobe.

First, let’s talk about the colors of spring:  mostly pastels, baby blues, eggshell pinks, bunny yellows, and lavender purples. Okay, to a young being like yourself, you must be saying, baby blues, what? Don’t worry I’ve just announced the so-called ‘fancy names’ of colors. To clear up your confusion, just take out the fancy word (baby, eggshell, bunny, lavender) and add the word light. Are you still confused? Well, I don’t have all day, go get a dictionary!

Now, first thing we will go over is sweaters.  Light gray cardigans are really in right now! Make sure they are 3/4 length sleeves (they don’t go all the way to your wrist). Stock up on plenty of these! Now, even as cute as a cardigan is, it won’t appeal to everyone’s fashion sense.  If you don’t like cardigans try a grey zip-up jacket. No flowers, or writing, no anything on it. Although, a pocket will not ruin this outfit.

Next, pants. Floral knee-length skirts are the ‘in’ of the season. If you aren’t a skirt person try cuffed white capris with an eye-popping shirt, we’re talking sun yellows, and ruby reds, and demanding pinks here people!

Now tops, these will appeal to everyone’s taste. Tank tops I swear go good with any skirt, or pair of pants! Pick a bright color, such as blue, or a pink! This will make the gray sweater, or cardigan pop!

Shoes, personally my favorite part of this outfit, for the ‘girly girl’s’ shoes pick a pretty pair of ballet flats, they should be white, or pink. For the tomboy, pick a pair of Adidas flip-flops or sandals.

Okay , lets talk about bags. Your not going to need to much with your skirt, so pick a light yellow coin purse, or wristlets. Now, if bags just aren’t your thing (yes, I’m talking to you, tomboy’s) just skip bags all together. Although you are going to need something, so pick a patterned pair of sunglasses!

Lip gloss, this is for the  girly girl but the tomboy can use it too!  Use Clinique Vitamin C Lip Smoothie Nude-tricious lip gloss! I swear, it just screams spring beauty!

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The Perfect Valentine’s Day Outfit

Love Song

On Valentine’s day do you want every body’s head to spin around and look at you, or do you want to be pushed to the back of the crowd? Personally I want everybody to be looking at me, here is the perfect Valentine’s day outfit.

First, we will start off with a shirt, try something red and eye-popping, like a short sleeve v-neck. This will make you feel like you are in the Valentine’s day spirit without feeling tacky. You can find this at JC Penny’s, Abercrombie, Hollister, Wal-Mart, American Eagle, Gap, Pacsun, Old Navy, Target, really any place will have a red V-Neck.


Next, pick a pair of pants, a denim mini skirt will look super cute with this outfit! Keep in mind that it is February, and you can’t just wear a skirt. Well you can, but if you value your legs in any which way, wear any cute leggings or tights make sure they are either red or gray (whichever color your boots AREN’T)! You can find this at JC Penny’s, Abercrombie, Hollister, Wal-Mart, American Eagle, Pacsun, Old Navy, Gap, again lots of places have denim mini skirts.


Now pick a warm cute jacket! Personally I think you should choose a gray, button down jacket. It makes you look cute without totally hiding your shirt. Again you can find this at JC Penny’s, Abercrombie, Hollister, Wal-Mart, American Eagle, Gap, Target, Old Navy any place will do!


Now find a cute pair of boots for shoes! They can be red, or gray! These will keep your legs toasty and giving you a complete Valentine’s day look. You can find warm boots at most shoe stores, and online (if you go online make sure you know your size boots tend to run smaller).


Finally, accessories, the fun part! Take a day and go to your favorite accessories store! Claire’s is probably the best, but if you know of a better one, go for it! When you take a step in take a minute or two to look around, some accessories stores can be very overwhelming. After you are comfortable with you surroundings look for a dainty small silver necklace with a heart charm on it. If you can’t find one with a heart charm don’t worry (I just say heart charm because it’s valentine’s day). After that pick a small cute pair of earrings(Skip this if you don’t have you ears pierced) they should be studs that are silver or red.


After you find all these clothing items you have completed the Valentine’s Day look! Congratulations! Thank you for reading my post and have a great Valentine’s Day!


-Fashion Avenue

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