The Universe of Uggs



If you have taken a look around the streets you may have noticed that you have seen many girls and boys alike wearing Uggs! In these next few paragraphs you will learn all about the Universe of Uggs!

Uggs, Uggs are a sheepskin boot commonly worn in winter months, but ironically Uggs were originally made for the beach. Uggs come in a verity of colors including pink, brown, blue, sand, chestnut, purple, white and much more. They also come in a verity of styles, including tall boots, short boots, flip flops, slippers, and more so don’t think that when you go to buy Uggs you will have to get the same ones as the kid down the street. Where do Uggs from? Well for your information, Uggs are made in Australia!

Sadly, sheep are killed to make Uggs. Despite what you may think the sheep were born and raised to be killed when ready. They also kill the sheep when they are about to die, or very old. Even worse, 8 sheeps are killed to make one pair of boots. However, before you decide that Uggs are not the shoe for you, there are Uggs that do not contain sheepskin.

What do Uggs feel like? Most Uggs that have sheepskin on them have a suede feel on the outside. One the inside is soft sheep fluff. Just slipping you foot inside a pair of Uggs will make you foot feel like it is in Heaven on earth.

The only drawback to Uggs that they tend to be a bit pricy! Prices range from most boot cost about $100 or $200 dollars. Fancy Uggs cost even more. The most expensive pair of Uggs cost about $300 and the least expensive cost about $50. They cost so much because they are real sheepskin and they are made by hand.

So you may ask yourself who is wearing Uggs? You may think that these shoes may only be sold in the United States, but all over the world Uggs are being trotted around in! Even celebrities wear Uggs including Miley Cyrus, Kelly Clarkson, Anne Hathaway, Ashlee Simpson, and even more!

Questions You Might Have:

1. Question: Should I wear them with socks?     Answer: Yes, or no. If you want your Uggs to stay fluffy for a longer amount of time, wear socks. If you want to feel that the fluff on bare feet, go ahead just be warned that your Ugg won’t stay fluffy and inviting for as long as a time.

2. Question: How do I know which ones are for me? Answer: Simply decide what kind of climate you live in. Example: if you live in Maine or Canada then probably the tallest and most fluffiest ones are for you. If you live in California ankel Uggs or even short knit Uggs are for you.

3. Question: How long do Uggs last? Answer: It depend how much you wear them, if you wear your Uggs 6-10 hours a day each day, probably 3-6 years. If you wear them once every 1 or 2 weeks probably 7-9 years. (Assuming your foot does not grow in that time period)

Thank you for reading, now go out and buy yourself a pair of Uggs!


-Fashion Avenue


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